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3 Ways to Hide Your LotusScript Library Source Code

Ethann Castell, Senior Consultant, Caliton Innovations

October, 2009

Discover three techniques for hiding the source code in your IBM Lotus Domino Designer script libraries so you can share them with others and still protect your intellectual property. Learn how Designer stores LotusScript code as well as the fundamental principle underlying all three techniques for hiding the source and the pros and cons of each technique.

Do you ever need to share your custom-developed LotusScript code with others — without making the LotusScript source available? Maybe you are providing a software trial for a potential customer, or perhaps your code contains some sensitive calculation algorithms restricted to certain developers within your organization, or you may be selling your LotusScript libraries to other developers and want to protect your intellectual property. There are three ways you can hide the LotusScript source code in your script libraries:
  1. Replace the design
  2. Put the code in LSS files
  3. Remove the code with an agent
Each of these methods achieves the same goal in a different way. Each offers its own advantages and has its own limitations. I’ll show you all three methods and explain the advantages and limitations so you can choose the method that best suits your development methodology and environment. All of these methods work in Notes releases since at least R5.
Several sample databases accompany this article. I recommend downloading them now, so that you have them available as you continue reading.
I’ll start by explaining at how LotusScript code is stored in a LotusScript script library and what needs to happen in order for the code to be hidden.

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